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Analysis on current situation and development prospect of woodworking machinery industry in 2022

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Furniture is a product with rigid demand, customized furniture is in the ascendant, and the furniture industry has a strong demand for reducing personnel and increasing efficiency. Some foreign woodworking machinery brands withdraw from the Chinese market because they cannot effectively meet the demand of the domestic customized furniture market. Southeast Asia prefers Chinese woodworking machinery and furniture equipment with higher cost performance.

China is a big country in furniture production, consumption and export. According to customs statistics, from January to March 2021, China’s cumulative export of woodworking machinery increased by 56.69% year-on-year, and the export growth rate in March was 38.89%. Although the export situation is good, according to the feedback of enterprises, China’s woodworking machinery enterprises also have some difficulties. For example, 20.65% of enterprises believe that high costs and insufficient labor are the main difficulties affecting their product sales and export, 18.4% of enterprises delay delivery due to the rapid growth of orders, and 13.04% of enterprises believe that there is bad competition in the market and a shortage of scientific research and senior executives.

The development of woodworking machinery follows the development of market demand, which depends on the preferences of end consumers, and Chinese consumers are one of the most picky consumers in the world. With the soaring house prices, the affordable houses of the working class in China are becoming smaller and smaller, and the traditional finished furniture cannot maximize the use of the limited housing space. The emergence of customized furniture has solved this pain point well. This is why customized furniture, especially panel customized furniture, has developed so rapidly, and has given birth to a large number of listed enterprises in the furniture industry. The change of terminal demand pushes back the change of enterprise production requirements. The original mass production mode is no longer applicable. The market urgently needs to adapt to the flexible production solution of small batch, multi variety and multi specification.

Nowadays, a single equipment output can no longer meet the production needs of enterprises. The core competitiveness of woodworking machinery brands in the future is the whole plant planning from the front end to the back end, and the layout from the equipment island to the production line. All woodworking firms make great efforts on intelligent equipment. Woodworking machinery industry is gradually moving towards a higher realm of designing the whole plant from designing products and production lines.

The rapid change of woodworking machinery products in recent years also reflects the need for woodworking machinery to be more flexible and flexible to meet the needs of customized furniture production. Whether equipment or a production line can have more flexible, diverse and intelligent performance will become more and more important.

Post time: Jun-27-2022